Monday, November 3, 2014

Organizing sheet shears

Q: Whats wrong with the sheet shears and how could I improve it?

A: Its's a complete mess and I have to make a place holder for it just like the air hammer has a spot.

Q: What will you do with this, whats your first step?

A: Draw the object and find the measurements of the whole design

Q: whats next how will you continue?

A: I started by doing the prototype of my project. I got some thick paper and I treased the sheet shears and made it exactly the same so it could actually fit.

Q: how are you putting it together?

A: I started by cutting the sheet shears and making it like shown above. Next I cut 4 sides and another base so I can tape them all together.

Q: what did you use and how did it work?

A: I used duck tape to tape the 4 sides to the top and bottom bases of the project. I put them all together and made a spot to grab the tool. 

Q: how would you improve it?
A: Well I wanted to make a better way to grab the tool so I asked my teacher for some advice. He said half pipe or make the sides a little shorter. I am going with the half pipe and see where it does. 

Q: how are you gunna make a half pipe?
A: basically I made them like this only two . With support to hot glue it to the model and make it stick and not move. Just like support for a bridge

Q:what are you going to do with these?
A: I marked the spots where i am going to place the two supports, and then I will hot glue it and make it strong.

Q: What happen after you glued it?
A: after I glued it, it turned out pretty good so i just placed the metal shears on top of the supports and bamm! Looks good and you could grab it now much easier. Now its time to build the real thing!

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